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Freek Vermaak Ministries is a prison and community upliftment ministry founded by Freek Vermaak in 2001. Freek thrilling life-journey has given him the platform to be an inspiration for over 18 years, encouraging young and old people in prisons, schools, colleges, universities, rehabs, sports teams, churches and business with a powerful message of hope! 

He was brought up by both his parents in some of the poorest suburbs on the West Rand of Gauteng, South Africa. His father was his hero and best friend while he was growing up. His father was a labour worker and did not earn a large salary. Freek might have been one of the least privileged kids in school, but he was rich in love and care from his parents' side. From his early rugby days, Freek was seen by many as an upcoming Springbok rugby player. It never happened because of the bad choices that he made in life.


Freek joined the South African Police after school and has a lot of experience in the world of crime, gangsterism and drugs. He worked as a policeman in Gauteng for a couple of years. Later, he went over to the other side of the law, when he got involved in organized crime himself. He was addicted to alcohol, cocaine and other drugs. Because of his addiction problem and criminal life, he ended up in a lot of trouble. Freek went down on his knees one night and called out to God for help. God's mercy rewrote his life. God turned his mess into a message. 

God anointed and qualified Freek to preach the Gospel to the the meek, the poor, and afflicted. God send Freek to bind up and heal the broken-hearted and to proclaim liberty to physical and spiritual captives.  By the grace of God he ministered for over 17 years in numerous Correctional centers over South Africa and Botswana. He is passionate to coach and help offenders with their journey of rehabilitation and social reintegration. 


Freek is married to Hannah, and is blessed with four sons (Ruan, Christopher, Dandre and Armand) and one daughter (Katie). After many years of traveling and reaching out across South Africa, to the lost and broken, the couple decided to settle down in the beautiful city of George, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Freek is also the host of his own Radio Program on Heartbeat FM. The name of the program is Baasraak

( BAASRAAK- is an Afrikaans word meaning “ to overcome”).

"It is the goodness and kindness of God that brings

a criminal from crime to Christ"

Our Mission

To break the evil cycle of crime by preaching the Gospel; to the meek, the poor and afflicted and to proclaim liberty to captives!


Our Goal

Is to use our gifts and abilities to bring glory to God and lead people to the Lord Jesus Christ